Deborah Oyine Aluh

Beware the Ides of March, O PhD Student!

Waking up with the crippling anxiety of your next means of sustenance when your funding runs out is a feeling many PhD students can relate to. It’s a constant battle […]

Chicken soup for the PhD student`s soul

A PhD, like any venture, can be a challenging journey for even the most capable individuals. Between the time constraints of conducting research that must contribute to the vast body […]

Where research articles go to die

I’m sure most first-generation researchers out there can totally relate to the amusing scenario of their friends and family bombarding them with questions about the royalties they expect from their […]

The Never-ending Battle with Academic Rejection

My journey with academic rejection continues today as my latest paper was just rejected. And so, here I find myself writing about this frustrating topic once again! It’s almost like […]