Deborah Oyine Aluh
FOSTREN Training School
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Lisbon International Learning Programme on Mental Health Policy and Services
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Soapbox Science 2019, Lagos State. Nigeria.

With Einstein at Krakow wax museum 🙂 FOSTREN Working Group meeting. 2022 Krakow, Poland

FOSTREN Meeting 2021, Malaga, Spain.
WG1: Risk Factors for Coercion in Mental Health Services

FOSTREN 2nd Training School, 2022. Groningen, Netherlands,  WG2: Risk Management Strategies and Interactions in Mental Health Care: Preventing Coercion

12th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, 2022. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

10th European Conference on Mental Health, 2022. Lisbon, Portugal.

FOSTREN Meeting on Glossary of terms related to coercion in mental health care. 2023, Athens, Greece.

Workshop for mental health professionals on evidence-based approaches to reducing coercive practices in mental health care, 2023. Lisbon, Portugal.

Feedback seminar on coercion in mental health care for mental health professionals in Nigeria. Virtual, 2023.

Presenting FOSTREN at the 4th Lisbon International Learning Programme on Mental Health Policy and Services. 2023.

Presenting at the 1st meeting of La REAL (REAL - Associated Laboratory in Translation and Innovation Towards Global Health). 2023, Lisbon, Portugal.

Presenting a part of my PhD research during my STSM at Oslo Metropolitan University, 2023, Oslo, Norway.

TEDx NOVA. Lisbon, 2023

PhD Defence, May 27, 2024