Deborah Oyine Aluh

Humour as a coping mechanism among Nigerians

Listening to Fela Kuti’s timeless music makes me wonder, for the umpteenth time, if Nigerians are complicit in their own suffering. Could our tendency to approach our hardships with humor […]

Real life Uncle Ruckuses

I always thought Uncle Ruckus—no relation was the most ridiculous and improbable character on The Boondocks. Uncle Ruckus is a grotesquely ugly black male character who despises and demeans all […]

Mea Culpa

It was the last day at camp and the air of excitement was infectious. It didn’t matter if you were going to be posted to the remotest village of Gembu […]

Hate At First Sight

The title of this blog post might evoke a chuckle or two, but it aptly captures the essence of my musings. And no, I am not alluding to the cliché […]

Embracing the road taken

We`ve all had to make critical decisions at some point in our lives—those life-defining forks in the road. But what if we had chosen the other option? Do you ever […]